This Site The objects in this collection, both functional and sculptural, are part of a larger fantasy narrative set in a Canadian prairie context. It is a clay story of creatures and artifacts created from my imagination which uses the colour and history of the Canadian prairies (where I grew up) as an aesthetic base. In many cases, the design of a piece is not plotted out when I begin, but during the process of making, the shapes, souls and history of the creatures and pots are realized. When I am making these pieces though, it seems that I travel to the diluted memories of home, of being a child, of the large land in which I walked. Some of the important elements in this series are the earth-like stamps and carvings, simulating the vegetation and natural fur and skin of the animals found around the Red River and the prairie fields. The selected glazes and oxides simulate the colourations of the same. I introduce antique copper and iron glazes as well to suggest an aspect of construction to the natural forms, wrought by the early people/beings that would inhabit this space. Then I add gold lustre which implies the magic that exists throughout this world.

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