The main narrative in my mythological work has been the story of Icarus. What intrigues me is the question of how the myth of Icarus may have unfolded he had a sister. My sculpture and other forms take on the problem of the feminine heroine and I use the text from Ovid and the mythology itself to insert a female into the story and question of what happens when one poses the question “could Icarus have been a girl?” The other aspect of the myth of Icarus is the notion of metamorphosis in which the human changes into a bird and various other mythological occurrences in which the human either undergoes a certain physical change such as in the Chrysalides vases or in which there already exists a hybrid such as in the Sphinx.

Sphinx. 17”x12’x11”, Sculpture made with paper clay. Oxides, underglaze, lustre, electric fired cone 6. Post firing additions of silver metal on paws and scorpion tail and poly-filla applied to body and then treated with a heat gun to create blisters and points, so as to render it painful to touch. The Sphinx is a magical creature and a powerful female figure, albeit unpleasant. This mythological creature travels from village to village demanding answers to the riddles she poses and if a citizen is unable to correctly answer, he or she is eaten (please note the human being devoured inside the open mouth of the Sphinx). This version of the Sphinx exhibits a female head and torso, the body of a lion, the wings of an eagle, and the tail of a scorpion.