find this One of my favourite historical stories/myths is the tale of Icarus.  It was my father’s analysis of Matisse’s The Flight of Icarus, that provoked my long investigation of the character and the many themes that surround the story.  I began my study with paintings and sketches, following the notion of a flying woman, placing her against the moon instead of the sun, having her fall from the sky, alone, but why?  And the question that continues to resonate in my mind, is it possible to have a female Icarus?  Is it possible that a woman could be so rebellious as to disobey her father and natural laws, to not pay attention to the depth of the sea or the height of the sun, to be truly free?  In Matisse’s portrait, Icarus is humanity’s hero, with a red heart, caught in the flight upwards, celebrating freedom, flight and hope; but what path would she take, if Icarus had a sister?

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