Clay Talks

robaxin without rx One of the most interesting aspects of working in clay is meeting the individual potters who have been instrumental in shaping the history of Canadian ceramics. Clay Talks is a video interview series I created to record the voices of important Canadian potters. I hope to contribute to a history of Canadian ceramics, a history that has, to date, been almost non-existent. At the very least, with Clay Talks, I hope I can capture the interesting and invaluable stories of the artists’ lives and approaches, their education and personal experiences that make the work in ceramics today possible.

buy cheap Seroquel online free consult The format that I will follow starts with Beginnings which will be approximately 5 minute mini-features that discuss each potter’s accounts of their beginnings: their early influences and situations, to their study in school, to the first stages of their professional lives.

requip uk Please stay tuned!