Moving in a Community Direction

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This year welcomes the project Populace into my life. It is a year-long initiative that will see the installation of 9000 clay sculptures in a park at the Canadian Museum of Nature for Canada’s 150th celebrations. I am part of the committee creating this public art...
Theory and Practice

Theory and Practice

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The tension between theory and practice has always been a heated conversation and certainly in my critical theory classes at university, the debate over the practice vs. thought leaves everyone charged with disagreeable energy that requires constant negotiation.  Since I am a blundering thinker, I reconcile the two practices by both making theoretical ceramics and useful ceramics.  I am aware that I am not answering the question at all and only fuelling it by being so obvious and binary.   As a result, my artistic movement proceeds slowly forward, right foot, left foot, toward some better understanding about the purpose of...
Prairie Artifacts

Prairie Artifacts by | Aug 5, 2008 | Blog, Ideology

The objects in an on-going collection called Prairie Artifacts are both functional and sculptural and are part of a larger fantasy narrative set in a Canadian prairie context.  It is a clay story of make-believe creatures and objects created from my imagination which uses the colour and history of the Canadian prairies, where I grew up, as an aesthetic base.   In many cases, the design of a piece is not plotted out when I begin, but during the process of making, the shapes, souls and history of the creatures and pots are...
The Tale of Icarus

The Tale of Icarus

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One of my favourite historical stories/myths is the tale of Icarus.  It was my father’s analysis of Matisse’s The Flight of Icarus, that provoked my long investigation of the character and the many themes that surround the story.  I began my study with paintings and sketches, following the notion of a flying woman, placing her against the moon instead of the sun, having her fall from the sky, alone, but why?  And the question that continues to resonate in my mind, is it possible to have a female Icarus?  Is it possible that a woman could be so rebellious as to disobey her father and natural laws, to not pay attention to the depth of the sea or the height of the sun, to be truly...